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Friday May 25th 2018

Botanical Blend Soil

Ah the sweet smell of new soil!
We’ve introduced a new blend of soil for 2012 called “Botanical Blend“! In our ongoing efforts to continually source the best soil available for your garden we’ve decided to replace our previous blend with Botanical Blend soil. Soil

Why the change? Because we want to make sure you’re getting the best soil possible. I spent the last 4 months touring soil suppliers within 500klms to make sure we’re selling the best soil available and we found only one supplier who was just as fussy as MyGardenBag.

Whats the difference I liked your previous soil offering? Our previous soil is a close second and we never had a complaint but why be content? Our standards are very high and we sell only the best of the best. Personally I wasn’t happy with the amount of raw bark content in the soil which¬† ties up available nitrogen during the decompostion process. Our new blend is refined just a little bit more, the ingredient quality is higher and most importantly its consistent quality. How is it possible to make better soil? Things like higher quality ingredients, sharp grinding knives, standards for temperatures, a concrete processing pad (hard base without scooping up unrefined material), double screening, cleaning the screen out more often all these little things add up to a better product.
Lettuce Seedlings
A strict regimen for ingredients is the start of the process, no construction wood waste, no chemicals, no plastics etc… The green ground component of our soil is aged naturally (no external heat source which kills beneficial microbes) and core pile temperatures are recorded daily to ensure temperatures are spot on. Temperatures that are to high and you kill the good stuff, to low and any weed seeds wont be burnt off.
The sand portion is screened to a uniform size and is washed prior to blending. All of these improvements provide great soil ready to go while of course meeting and exceeding BC landscape standards for soil.

What we don’t sell is soil from local waste programs such as Vancouver or Richmond garbage dumps (the majority of soil re-sellers in the lower mainland sell these products) Remember the primary purpose of a landfill is to process garbage and making premium soil isn’t high on the agenda. The goal of diverting green waste is commendable and required but do they know how to make consistent premium soil in which your plants will thrive? nope…
What’s wrong with municipal waste soil? It’s not aged properly, it’s not screened to a uniform size, you’ll see lots of twigs/bits of wood, uncomposted raw materials, plastic bag fragments, possible contaminated ground wood waste, poor or missing altogether quality control standards. All of these ingredients provide inconsistent soil analysis results which will provide a weak growing medium and the result is sickly plant. Plants don’t have teeth and need to drink their nutrients, so all of the readily available micro/macro nutrients need to be at the proper levels to provide a strong healthy plant. If you’re refreshing your garden and have the expense of quality plants/shrubs why put them in poor quality soil? Healthy soil equals healthy plants, all soil is definitely not equal.

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